"Building communities by building people."

Our mission is to be increase disciples of Christ and create a thriving and prosperous community of people that display self-worth, self-respect, dignity, and honor regarding the environment in which they live.  We build our community as we pour into its people by meeting the needs of the whole person which encompasses the body, mind, and spiritual support required to succeed and sustain a healthy environment.

  • BODY - provide healthy lifestyle venues such as nutrition classes, food pantry, life skill classes, financial guidance/support, and health awareness.

  • MIND - mental health support/therapy via licensed professionals and bring awareness to mental health overall.

  • SPIRITUAL -  assisting others in finding Christ by treating people with compassion and dignity to increase their knowledge of our living Savior. To know Christ is to be of royal decent and we should live as such

Latonya Bird

Director of Outreach Ministry

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